What the #%&$ changed?!

“More than 80% of all incidents are caused by planned and unplanned changes.” – Gartner

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All Config Changes. Searchable. In One Place

SIFF collects, monitors, and analyzes configuration data from ALL sources in a centralized configuration repository for easy searching, auditing and compliance. SIFF highlights Planned vs Unplanned config changes to help identify the root-cause of complex incidents, as well as continuous analysis of config data to ensure security policy compliance.

How SIFF can help ?


Go beyond simple approvals by tracking configuration changes, validating whether the work matches what was intended with peer-reviews to reducing human error.


Get to the root cause of complex incidents faster by understanding all configuration change activity related to the incident with in-depth detail and history.


Rest easy knowing that security guidelines and configuration best practices are continuously monitored to ensure security compliance and avoid repeated human errors.

Who is SIFF For ?


Get visibility into ALL configuration changes, whether it is a planned change request that you implemented or an ad-hoc change the client updated themselves. SIFF captures the details necessary to accelerate incident response, post-mortem analysis and accountability.


Prevent unnecessary outages by peer-reviewing implemented change requests before a major incident occurs. SIFF monitors all configuration changes and identifies planned vs unplanned changes. Easily review config changes that results from an ITIL change request to catch errors and reduce risk.

Large Enterprise

Define policies to ensure any configuration changes are adhering to best practices, whether it is ensuring security settings or just local/market specific configs. SIFF will monitor for violations, notify and compare/highlight the changes.

Enable Change with Confidence

SIFF enables organizations to manage change, prevent incidents and improve security and compliance.

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SIFF is Easy

We believe in simplicity and ease of use and want you to get value out of SIFF immediately.
Here is how we make it easy for you to get started.


Forget the complex installs and configs. Sign-up and use free-tier credits to get started and see how SIFF enables change. As your coverage needs grow, we grow with you.



We invest heavily in security to ensure multiple layers of defense, encryption and monitoring to ensure your data is safe. Private dedicated environments can also be provisioned.


We provide value straight away. SIFF will automatically discover and manage your common devices, systems, apps, and services. If you have custom applications, you can cover those as well by yourself with our simple UI.


Start small and scale up when needed. We charge by the hour for each managed instance. If your system is not on, we don’t charge you. Great for VMs, containers, and virtual network devices.


Connect with other SIFF users. Whether it’s interacting around feature feedback on the forum or swapping use cases, report templates, etc. This is your community for all things related to configuration and change monitoring.


Simplicity is our goal. SIFF makes time consuming tasks easier. Whether it’s troubleshooting complex incidents or generating reports for security compliance, we focus on the nuts-and-bolts of configuration and change so you can focus on driving business agility.