Collect & Monitor Config Changes Across Your Entire Infrastructure

Collect & Monitor

Change Activity Stream

Change Activity Bar
Activity Bar chart indicating volume of new and updated configs over time

Full Visibility to Changes Across IT Infrastructure
Visibility to config changes across all domains and functional groups – applications, servers, networks, storage, VMs, cloud, containers, etc

Collect & Monitor Any Configuration Type
Collect config files, command line outputs, MS Windows registry, database entries, APIs responses, AWS configs

Change Detail & DIFF Views

Change Summary DIFF View
Highlight actual changes and save time to identify what has changed in the configuration

Full Configuration DIFF View
View entire configuration output and compare against configuration history and other similar systems

Full Configuration Download
View and download entire configuration at any point-in-time in case your existing backup does not have you covered.

Network Config Changes

Monitor network configuration changes
Capture full configuration details and quickly identify additions / deletions to help you quickly identify problems

Automatically discovery and collect configuration
Supports common vendors such as Cisco, Brocade, Zhone and we’ll seamlessly add new ones if you’re not covered

Add your own network commands to monitor
Any device commands can be captured and monitored for changes


Server Config Changes

Monitor server configuration changes
Out-of-the-box Service Definitions to monitor server configs, services, file systems, security, kernel module, etc

Add your own files and server commands to monitor
Define your own service definitions to discovery and monitor for files, commands and registry configuration and changes

Security Config Changes

Monitor network security configuration changes
Detect firewall config and policy changes

Monitor server security configuration changes
Detect firewall config changes, kernel settings, etc

Monitor cloud security configuration changes
Detect resource security and security group policy changes


Configuration Security Policy & Compliance

Configuration Policy Monitor

Analyze all config changes to ensure policy compliance 
Continuously examine all configuration changes against defined policy rules to alert or take action upon policy violations.

Integration with SIEM, Fault Mgmt or ITSM systems
Integrate with your management systems to take action on policy violations. Includes the actual change details and highlights what was changed.

Search and Report on Policy Violation Changes

Search config change activity that violates Policy Rules
Easily search change activity to find configuration changes that violates Policy Rules.   

Generate Audit and Compliance Reports
Generate reports for audit and compliance reviews.

Review Planned vs Unplanned Changes
Review planned and unplanned changes to identify gaps in Policy Rules coverage.

Configuration Validation Automation

Comparing device running-config vs startup-config 
Verify integrity of device configs by ensuring the startup configs are consistent with the current device configs.

Comparing configs between components in a cluster
Verify the configuration are consistent across devices within a cluster. 

Reduce & Prevent Incidents

Change Horizon

Operational Change Dashboard across multiple ITSM systems
Provides an operational view of all current, pending and recently completed change requests in your environment across multiple ITSM change management systems.

Bi-direction integration with ITSM system
Integrate with your Change Request systems such as ServiceNow, to seamlessly associate Change Requests with configuration changes.

Prevent Incidents by Reviewing CR Config Changes

Automatically tag config changes with Change Request ID
Config changes are automatically annotated with Change Request ID so you can see what changes were made by a Change Request for review or troubleshooting 

Enable peer-review of completed change requests
Reviewers are automatically notified and can easily check results of completed change requests to ensure correctness, any manual errors or unexpected impact – all without requiring any manual documentation

Planned vs Unplanned Configuration Changes

Unauthorized config changes
Monitor change activity and identify ad-hoc or unplanned changes which are often the cause of many incidents and outages

Identify anomalies and potential security IOC
Correlate security alerts with configuration changes to help accelerate security forensics and analysis.

Search for Changes Resulting from Change Requests

Search for config changes by Change Request
Quickly search for config changes for a Change Request either by searching for the Change Request ID or via UI integration

Track config changes for complex Change Requests
Changes may be individual changes to specific devices or part of a larger service rollout involving many CRs

Identify planned, unplanned and unauthorized config changes
Improve the quality and confidence of your change management processes

Troubleshoot & Repair

Troubleshooting Root-Cause

Reviewing Related Configuration Changes
Isolate and identify the root-cause by examining possible configuration changes that caused the problem rather than just relying only on alert and performance symptoms

Adjust time range and search criteria
Reduce the search-space by adjusting the time range, related devices, services and recent recent Change Request work

Triage Change Detail & History

Pin-point Adds & Deletes to configuration changes
Quickly identify relevant changes, especially with extremely large configurations, allowing you to focus on finding the root-cause

View and compare change history revisions
View configuration changes in the past and compare the differences between any specific versions

Collaborate and share tags and links to change entries
Complex incidents often involve multiple teams and different perspectives. SIFF collects data across all silos and allow users to easily share and cooperatively work on problems

Intelligent Search Categories

SIFF goes beyond just field text searches
Intelligent search categories makes it easy by doing the leg work for you. For example, the Address category supports multiple types of addresses (IPv4, IPv6, DNS, hostname, MAC, etc). It even resolves DNS names to multiple IP address to find the relevant config changes


Change Requests Related Configs

Identify configs related to a Change Request
Search on Change Request IDs to quickly find related configuration changes for the completed work

Enrich your Change Request records with actual configs
Add links to your change management tool to easily find actual configuration changes for the change request

Event & Incident Management Integration

Correlate your alerts with config change events
Send configuration change events to your event management system to help correlate alerts

UI Navigation and Integration
Navigate from your alerts or tickets to SIFF to quickly triage and identify root-cause for complex problems


Config Search

Configuration Search

Search configs without device access
Quickly search configuration settings without logging into devices and systems

Compare configs between servers and devices
Compare configuration between different server instances and devices

Audit, Report and Export detailed configurations
Generate reports for asset, compliance and security reviews with values extracted from actual configuration details

Configuration History

Point-in-Time Infrastructure Configuration
Search and view the entire infrastructure configuration at any specific point in time

Configuration Forensics at Point-in-Time
Audit, report and export configurations for security review at a specific point in time

Configuration Comparison

Compare Configuration Between Devices
Users can easily compare configuration between devices or uploaded text files

Compare Config at Point-in-Time
Compare previous configurations at a specific point in time 

Config Change Notification

Saved Search
Users can save frequently used queries for reuse

Scheduled Saved Search and Actions
Saved searches can be scheduled to run automatically and have the results emailed or HTTP POST to a service. This is useful to keep track of changes and have SIFF notify you.

Reporting and API Integration

Configuration Reporting / Export

Search and export configuration data
Search, view  and/or export configuration data for reporting by third-party tools 

Search and generated detailed reports from unstructured configuration data
Search, filter, extract and export using actual values with the configuration data 

API Integration

API Services to query configuration and change information
Simple APIs with built-in examples to search for config and change data

Trigger Saved Searches and Actions
Trigger execution of saved searches and actions by other systems

Dynamically manage devices
Add / remove devices, VMs, containers, etc as they are dynamically added or removed from your infrastructure 

Device and Service Config Discovery

Discovery & Manage Devices

Automatically discover and classify devices
Discovery of IP-based devices on your networks to be managed by the SIFF collector(s). Devices can also be imported from a CSV file

Managed devices and exception lists
Choose exactly what should be managed or excluded  

Dynamically manage devices via event-drive API services
Add / remove managed devices for SDN virtual devices, VMs, and containers auto-scaling in dynamic environments

Discovery & Manage Services

Configuration-based Service Discovery
Automatically identify and validate applicable services on your devices for configuration and change monitoring

Automatically support new services and configuration
SIFF built-in Discovery Community Library (DCL) automatically understands new applications and services as they are published to the DCL 

Build your own service discovery and monitors
Discover and manage your proprietary custom applications and services with our intuitive Developer UI

Service Definitions

Large library of auto-installed certified Service Definitions
Automatically discover and collects configuration for certified devices and services. You can also choose to disable or uninstall these certified Service Definitions (SD)

User installed optional community Service Definitions
Users can select and install optional Service Definitions for less common services or pre-certified SDs 

Easily update Service Definitions as new versions are available
View and update new SDs as they are published to the community

Additional Custom Monitoring

Custom Service Definitions

Customer Services and Applications support
Discover and monitor your own custom applications and services by creating your own Service Definitions

Extend Existing Community Service Definition
Build on top of existing service definitions and share with the rest of the community 

Intuitive and no coding Developer UI
Simply list what files to collect and what command outputs to capture. Exclude any content you like to mask out

Service Definition - Signature Validation

Service Definition Signature
Define what is required for discovering the service such as platform required, environment variables, software, processes, files

Interactive Testing
Test and verify against your systems before deploying

Service Definition - File Collection

File Monitors
List the files to collected or excluded

Mask out content to hide or ignore
Filter sensitive or continuously changing content to ignore

Interactive Testing
Test and verify against your systems before deploying

Service Definition - Command Collection

Command Monitors
Define commands to run and capture configuration output. Chain multiple commands together with argument passing for complex sequences of commands.

Mask out content to hide or ignore
Filter sensitive or continuously changing content to ignore

Interactive Testing
Test and verify against your systems before deploying

Service Definition - Registry Collection

Registry Monitors
List the registry key(s) to be collected

Interactive Testing
Test and verify against your systems before deploying

Content Community Library

Discovery Library

Built-in Discovery Community Library
Large built-in library of Service Definitions to discover and monitor applications and services out-of-the-box. 

Automatic New Device Support
New device support are continuously added and does not require you manually install or maintain updates.


Service Definition Library

Browse, install and update Service Definitions from library
Select and install / update Service Definitions directly within the application with the integrated community library. 

Share your Service Definitions with the Community
Share your own custom Service Definitions to help others in the community.

Policy Definition Library

Browse, install and update Policy Definitions from library
Select and install / update Policy Definitions directly within the application with the integrated community library. 

Share your Policy Definitions with the Community
Share your own custom Policy Definitions to help others in the community.

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