SIFF for Communication Service Providers

Helps you figure out what the #?!? changed

The Challenge

As a Communications Service Provider (CSP) providing a reliable and consistent service is critical to the customer’s perception of your quality and churn. In a highly complex environment that requires constant improvement and changes to remain competitive, the risk of making configuration errors can either cause a major outage or even worse, stagnate all progress and innovations. The ability to prevent errors from becoming incidents in addition to accelerating the MTTR of incidents, directly impacts your service quality.


All configuration and changes in one place.

Troubleshooting complex incidents is hard. Especially if the information you need is fragmented across various tools and silos. SIFF tackles this challenge by collecting all configuration changes and making the data easily accessible via intelligent search, troubleshooting tools, and reports.


Continuously audit all your configs.

Security audit and compliance shouldn’t be a once-a-year activity. How do you ensure the policy and guidelines are being implemented by the network, application and server teams? SIFF helps automate your configuration policies by continuously examining all configuration changes comply with your requirements.


Review changes to prevent minor errors from becoming a major outage.

Software developers have code reviews to reduce errors. DevOps should review completed infrastructure Change Requests too. Peer reviews only happens when there are tools that make the process easy. SIFF automates collecting all relevant config changes for the Change Request and highlights the differences so that you can quickly review for correctness and completion.


Narrow down and identify the root cause fast.

An alert signals there is a problem. Performance graphs indicate symptoms. Application logs throw you deep into the haystack, but are you searching in the right haystack? Start by reviewing the recent and related config changes that may have caused this mess.

Enable Change with Confidence

SIFF enables organizations to manage change, prevent incidents and improve security and compliance.

How SIFF Helps CSPs

  1. Accelerate the time required to isolate and identify the root-cause of complex incidents by understanding what recently changed and the impact of those changes.
  2. Visibility to all planned and unplanned changes in the environment to help promote a consistent change process as well as identify potential Indicator of Compromise (IoC).
  3. Prevents incidents by enabling easy peer-review of implemented change requests. Provides a simple glance at what config was changed for a change request so you can catch errors that would go undetected until a major outage occurs.
  4. Define policies for configuration best practices that constantly monitor while ensuring new and existing devices are configured correctly for AAA, security, and alerting.

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