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Emergency Support for IT and Ops

Imagine going to the ER and the attending doctor is not able to ask you what happened. All he has to work with are a myriad of tests he can run on you to narrow down the problem. This is the environment IT and Operations Support frequently work in when they do not have visibility to configuration changes in their environment.

Emergency Support 1

MAGIC is often a perception of some desirable outcome without the understanding or appreciation of the underlying work required to produce the desired result. We all want MAGIC without having to do the work. Without tackling the fundamental challenges, MAGIC and all the amazing things that can come from it cannot happen. Understanding your IT and Operations infrastructure configuration is one of these core principles.

Emergency Support 2

To learn more about how SIFF can help empower your configuration and change management, watch our 3-minute video to find out โ€œWhat the #%&$ changed?!โ€

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