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SIFF Joins ServiceNow Partner Program

Irvine, California — February 4th, 2021 —SIFF.IO today announced it has joined the ServiceNow Partner Program to bring infrastructure configuration change monitoring and governance to the ServiceNow platform. Program membership entitles SIFF access to ServiceNow tools and resources. SIFF looks forward to providing ServiceNow’s industry-leading products and implementations to make work, work better for people.

SIFF understands that providing visibility to change activity whether planned or unplanned, is essential to improving the change process. SIFF helps accelerate the troubleshooting of complex incidents while providing post-mortem analysis of outages or intrusions. SIFF provides auditing of infrastructure configuration changes necessary to meet the needs of IT governance, security policies, and regulatory requirements. Whether you are seeking to improve quality, prevent incidents, or understand what went wrong, SIFF captures the configuration changes to ensure accountability and enable proactive review of the work. Time and manual effort are saved with continuous coverage and not limited to just annual IT audits.

“80% of all incidents are caused by planned and unplanned changes, yet most organizations have very limited visibility to actual changes that occur to their infrastructure. Effective change management needs to extend beyond simple planning and approvals to include the capture of configuration changes that impacted the infrastructure. From this rich configuration change data, organizations can better handle complex incidents, to prevent outages and automate policies from prior experiences and lessons learned.” – Duke Tantiprasut, SIFF CEO & Founder


SIFF is helping companies embrace change and drive business agility by understanding all the infrastructure configuration changes in their environment. SIFF captures all configuration changes to improve quality, accountability, while automating compliance to ensure adherence to best practices and security policies.

For more information, visit www.siff.io

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